How to Wash Ski Gear, You Filthy Animals!

A family of five in their ski gear on the white mountain slopes ready to ski

Washing regular clothes is a straightforward task. You throw them in the washing machine, add detergent, select the setting, and off you go. If you’re new to skiing and snowboarding, you might wonder how to wash ski gear. Is it like doing everyday laundry? Before learning the best way to wash snow gear, I rarely … Read more

Roffe Ski Wear – What Happened to This Brand?

Snowy mountain background with images of a bright green vintage Roffe ski jacket and the Roffe ski wear label

What happened to Roffe Ski Wear? That’s what we’re going to look at today in this article. Roffe was a famous ski brand everyone wanted to wear on the slopes.  Sam Roffe founded the company in 1953, and two years after his death in 1994, his family sold the business to Gerry Sportswear Co. With … Read more

Best Snowboard Impact Shorts

6 snowboarders with impact shorts sat on the slopes

If you’re always up to new challenges and a huge fan of snow activities, you need to thank Sherman Poppen. Sherman paved the way for this outstanding sport when he was just trying to keep his daughters busy as his wife was pregnant and needed to rest. By tying together two skis with nails and … Read more