Best Snowboard Impact Shorts

If you’re always up to new challenges and a huge fan of snow activities, you need to thank Sherman Poppen.

Sherman paved the way for this outstanding sport when he was just trying to keep his daughters busy as his wife was pregnant and needed to rest. By tying together two skis with nails and ropes, he became the inventor of snurfer that is now known as snowboarding.

So whether you’re new to this sport or you’re an expert, you’ll find our article useful as we will talk thoroughly about snowboard impact protection shorts to get your back while you’re enjoying your time.

Snowboarding is all fun and games until you experience your first fall, and then you’ll question the whole sport. That’s why we’ll be talking about the 5 best impact shorts to guarantee your safety and protection.

The following products have the best qualities when we talk about the padding material, the durability and safety measures. We chose different products with a wide price range to suit everyone. 

BodyProx 3D Protective Padded Shorts

Bodyprox 3D Protective Padded Shorts

These shorts are always on the top list when you ask about impact shorts and it’s not a secret why they are always recommended. These shorts are able to provide you with the ultimate protection without being so heavy.

These shorts cover your, hips, thigh, sit bones and tailbones. The manufacturing company combines together 3 high-quality fabrics that work together to provide you with stretchable and comfortable feeling. Moreover, it reduces sweat accumulation and prevents irritation as it doesn’t stick to your skin.

Using high standard Eva foam pads in their design acts as a cushion against harsh falls, leaving your muscles and joints protected. Eva pads are removable as well, so you can wash your shorts easily.

This is a budget-friendly product that you can get without spending a fortune and at the same time it has numerous features.


  • They are light so you can move freely
  • Can be worn inside or outside your sportswear
  • They come in three sizes to fit everyone 
  • No need to constantly adjust the shorts
  • Can be easily washed and cleaned 


  • Some people find it difficult to remove the Eva pads through the assigned holes
  • They aren’t comfortable to sit on

Tortoise Pads T2 Impact Protection Shorts

Tortoise Pads T2 Impact Protection Shorts

These shorts come with protective butt and hip pads to give you the utmost protection. This company uses Eva foam for perfect quality and strong force absorption.

 What makes these shorts unique is their “Dual-density padded Foam” feature that ensures your safety.

Also, these pads can be moved by you and put in the areas that need more protection. Moreover, you can decide the thickness of the pads to suit you and your activity.

The manufacturing company took the best decision when they added the “ Max-Dri moisture” feature. Thanks to this, you can wear shorts for long periods as they keep you always comfortable, regulates airflow, prevents irritation and bad odor. 


  • They have minimum space between pads to decrease the risk of injuries
  • Pads are easily removed and replaced according to your needs
  • They are durable and don’t wear off easily
  • Thickness of pads can be customized 


  • It’s a bit expensive if you’re on a budget or you just need the shorts for only one try

Shock Doctor Relaxed Impact Shorts

Shock Doctor Relaxed Impact Shorts

Ok, so these impact shorts from Shock Doctor aren’t specifically for wearing when skiing or snowboarding. However, they work just as well as the other products in the list. If you play hockey as well as hit the slopes in the winter, then why not get 1 pair of impact protection shorts for both!

One of the most remarkable features is the shock-skin fabric as they have integrated foam pads in the whole design to promise you complete protection. You don’t need to worry about the pads moving through intense movements as they are tight together and secured.

The “Ultra Carbon Flex Cup” is included too in case you do want to use them for hockey or other contact sports.


  • Perfect light and breathable material 
  • Can be used for multiple sports
  • Has added shock absorption in certain areas  


  • They’re designed to fit men only

Protection Hip 3D Padded Shorts

Protection Hip 3D Padded Shorts

This product has spread and thick Eva pads throughout the short, which provides protection to the lower back and limbs.

Through the drawstring design that holds the waist, the shorts are more adjustable and durable. Adding mesh fabric to the design regulates body temperature and minimizes sweating.


  • Provides full protection to the thigh, hip, tailbone and but.
  • The product is light and flexible due to the mesh fabric feature.
  • The drawstring design is easily adjusted so the shorts fit you.


  • It’s too bulky to be worn under your clothes.
  • The sizes are different in reality from the size charts. 

Soared 3D Snowboard Impact Protection Shorts

Soared 3D Snowboard Impact Protection Shorts

This particular short comes with the best Eva padding qualities. It comes with soft padding that is 0.6 inches thick to guard the hip, butt, and thigh. Moreover, the Eva pads here are non-deformer which provide strong resistance to wear and tear.

Using the breathable mesh fabric absorbs moisture to keep you cool and at the same time, it prevents bacterial growth.

The short comes with an adjustable padded waist which makes it supportive and firm. Also, it is suitable for children and adults because the waist sizes range from 18 to 40 inches.


  • Provides protection to the lumbar, crotch, butt and thigh.
  • It can be worn inside or outside your regular pants, thanks to its light material.
  • Keeps you cool and odorless


  • Their size chart is not accurate.
  • They don’t have a return policy.

Choosing the Best Impact Shorts for your Favorite Sport

When it comes to your safety and protection, you should choose the best products with the best features. In this part, we’ll give you all the needed information to make the best purchase.

Pad Material and Thickness 

Most impact shorts are either made of soft foam, hard plastic or a combination of both. 

Soft foams particularly the Eva ones that have numerous benefits as:

  • High durability, resistance 
  • They can stand severe stress and hits without cracking
  • UV- resistant
  • Being soft, light and comfortable
  • Provides high protection against the strongest falls

There are also different types of pads:

  • Thick Eva pads

The normal thickness of pads is usually 2 cm, however, some shorts have thicker pads. Such thickness guarantees excellent protection.

  • 3D Eva Pads

The majority of impact shorts have pads that cover but, lumbar, thighs, and legs. What makes the 3D special is their added protection for the side of legs and hips. 

Removable vs. Stable Pads

Removable pads have three important benefits that make them a better option than the stable ones. 

  • They ease the cleaning process because you remove them and put the shorts with the laundry. So no need to follow instructions
  • If the pads became worn out, you can change them without the need to buy other shorts
  • They can be reallocated to protect areas that are more prone to injuries

Mesh Fabric and its Important Features

It’s a vital feature in your impact shorts to be breathable and light to avoid irritation, sweat accumulation, bad odor, and infection. So a good quality product would have Mesh fabric as it will allow airflow which prevents all the previous side effects.

Drawstring vs. Velcro Design

Choosing a closure design varies according to your needs and preferences. However, we recommend the drawstring option as it’s easily adjustable and has a longer life shelf.

The velcro design can’t be adjustable in an easy way and it wears off faster.

Size of the Impact Shorts

It’s important to choose the right size of shorts because if they are tight, you won’t feel comfortable and may cause irritation. On the other hand, if they are loose, they may shift.

 So it’s mandatory to know your size before you buy one. We do recommend using the size charts available on each product to know your best fit.

How to Choose the Perfect Size?

As we mentioned before, choosing the right size is critical when buying impact shorts. You need to feel comfortable, light and secure so you need to choose a perfect match.

To know your size:

  • Stand up and be in a straight posture
  • Twist the measuring tape all the way around your waist
  • Read the tape
  • Double-check your results
  • Choose accordingly from the online size chart

To Wrap Up

Is It Still Hard to Make a Decision? The previous products will all be good options as they have the most important features for your comfort and safety.

However, our top pick will be the Tortoise pads T2 shorts because they have the best safety features with the required comfort that will make you move easily. It’s highly recommended by athletes.

But, if you’re on a budget, then you should go for the Bodypronx 3D protection shorts. As mentioned before these particular shorts are very light, not bulky, and do great work when it comes to protection.