Best Ski Resorts in North Carolina

North Carolina’s mountains offer a host of unexpected options for both skiers and snowboarders. They are all located to the west of the state so if you live in Charlotte then none of them are a far drive away.

The ski resorts in North Carolina are a good destination for tourists too especially those living in Tennessee, Virginia, or South Carolina. The mountains have a constant supply of fresh snow throughout the winter season which allows for endless days of fun in the snow.

Two of the best ski resorts in North Carolina are about a quarter of an hour from the city of Banner Elk and just over two hours from the city of Charlotte. It makes a great base for skiers who wish to have more than one slope to visit.

The American state of North Carolina has more than two ski resorts though, which you can read more about below.

Sugar Mountain Ski Resort

First on our list is the Sugar Mountain Ski Resort as it is the largest resort in North Carolina. It has a wide range of slopes as well as the steepest runs making it good for experienced skiers and snowboarders.

It’s also beginner friendly, so if you are looking for a resort to be able to accommodate everyone, then it’s one to consider. Unlike other resorts in the state, you can find steeper slopes and more challenging sections.

Sugar Mountain has a total of 125 acres with terrain that is skiable, with eight lifts, along with a total of 21 runs. The views of the mountains are exceptional. If you or someone in your group is tired of skiing, you can visit the resort’s tubing or skating rinks or go snowshoeing.

The main town in this area is Banner Elk which is about 10 minutes from the complex. This population is medium in size, but it is very well located for visitors. You can find all types of hotels, hostels, restaurants and nightlife venues for all ages.

Beech Mountain ski resort

This ski resort is a strong competitor against the others as it has an elevation that approaches 5,600 feet. It is known for being the highest ski area in the eastern part, but it has a unique atmosphere that makes it different from the other ski resorts in North Carolina.

There are a total of 17 slopes with eight ascents and 95 skiable acres. Also, it offers a fairly good terrain park. At the base, there is a Bavarian-style hostel, where you can stay and relax quietly. In the mountain area, there is a terrace where you can enjoy a drink while you observe the impressive views.

The best nearby town to stay in is Beech Mountain which I guess is quite obvious.

Appalachian Ski Mountain

The Appalachian Ski Mountain resort is an old-school ski resort run by a family for skiers and sports enthusiasts. In total, it is the terrain parks that are different from the rest of the North Carolina ski resorts. It is also a very good resort for beginners in this sport and families as the slopes are non-threatening. At the base, there is a hostel that allows you to enjoy the terrace with stunning views, along with the fireplace so as not to get cold.

The elevators have a good ticket system. You can get a flexible ticket that lasts 8 hours which is great for a day of skiing. A few minutes from the base itself is the city of Roca. It is small but has a great selection of hotels and restaurants. You can also go to the university city of Boone which has more amenities than Roca.

Cataloochee ski resort

It is more west of the other ski resorts and at the foot of the Smoky Mountains. It is the oldest area to go skiing in the state of North Carolina. It has a total of 5 lifts on 18 slopes and a terrain park, all of this for beginners and intermediate riders.

It is a perfect hill that allows people to practice and improve their skills before putting them into practice on more complicated mountains. At the base, there is a good hostel to stay in if you want, but to climb there are several curves, so you must take into account the weather conditions.

The closest place is the Maggie valley a few kilometers up the hill itself. The hotels are numerous and range from mid-range to luxury hotels.

Wolf Ridge Ski Resort

Wolf Ridge offers a small, but very charming ski resort, located about 40 minutes from Ashville and with a maximum elevation of approximately 5,000 feet, it contains a total of 14 slopes with 4 lifts intended in greater measure for athletes who have beginner and intermediate skills.

Besides, it is very good for the family. The journey to and from the resort itself is quite easy. Parking is free and at the door, a security guard will give you the necessary pass to enter.

Wolf Ridge itself has a wealth of accommodation and leisure possibilities. The other option would be to stay in Ashville.

In Summary

We hope you now have a better understanding of the best ski resorts in North Carolina. Whilst some of them might not compare to ski resorts in Colorado or Michigan. As you’ve seen some are better for experienced skiers like Sugar Mountain and then there are some more suitable for families and beginners like Cataloochee.

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