Best Ski Resorts in Colorado

The Rocky Mountains are one of the most popular destinations for skiing in the state of Colorado. We have different mountain ranges such as the Sierra de Uinta, the Sierra de Front, the Cordillera de Sawatch, the Sierra de la Sangre de Cristo or the Sierra de San Juan. They are worth enjoying throughout the year, but especially during the winter season.

The number of ski resorts in Colorado is vast compared to other states like North Carolina and New England. That’s why this might be a longer post than normal, but we want you to know which are the best ski resorts in Colorado so you can try them all out.

Winter Park Resort

First on the list is Winter Park Resort that is located about an hour and a half from the city of Denver, the capital of Colorado. It has a total of three peaks that are interconnected and that allows us to access from a specific point, in Portrait. These three peaks are Winter Park, Mary Jane Peak, and Vasques Ridge Peak.

Echo Mountain Resort

Echo Mountain ski resort is intended for people who want to practice not only skiing but snowboarding. It is located within Clear Creek County. You can enjoy the possibility of descending the mountain accompanied by the best possible music.

Copper Mountain Resort

Copper Mountain resort is a complex that has shops, restaurants, and hostels that are divided into a total of three different locations, they are, East Village, West Village, and The Village at Copper. This station has a total of 140 tracks that you can enjoy in 4 different levels of difficulty.

Arapahoe Basin

Arapahor Basin resort is located in the White River National Park in the state of Colorado. The snow tends to drop in this season about 3 months more than in the other examples, so you can enjoy a good time skiing until the end of spring and sometimes even into June and July depending on the year.

Vail Ski Resort

Without a doubt, Vail is the largest ski resort in terms of dimensions within the state of Colorado. Also, it is the third-largest if we count all ski resorts in the United States. It is made up of a total of three specific sections that are The Front Side, then there is the Blue Ski Basin and finally, we can point out the Blanck Bowels. These sections will be separated due to the different levels of difficulty available.

Loveland Ski Area

Loveland ski area near Edqui station is located very close to the city of Georgetown. A total of two zones are available which are interconnected to the transport between these two areas is the chairlift. These two areas are called Loveland Bason and Loveland Valley. Currently, there is another method to go to these two areas, a bus, so you will not have an excuse to enjoy them.


We have all heard about the Aspen resort, as a good destination for skiers regardless of the level, even visitors from all over the world visit it. But the Snowmass ski resort is a very good option for those families who want to learn to ski or test their skills with these devices. So there are tracks for beginners and others for those who are already more advanced.


As we have said previously, Aspen is one of the most famous stations not only in the state of Colorado but in the entire world. The characteristic that makes it so famous and so appealing to visit is its complicated slopes that require a high level in this sense to be able to ski with them.

The base of the station is in the municipality of Aspen, where you can find shops, restaurants and of course, accommodation of all kinds. From the municipality to the station you can walk quietly, to be able to take whatever you want.

So if you come here, you should stop to visit two parts:

  • The Sundeck: here we can have an impressive and panoramic view of the Elk Mountains.
  • At night you should visit Ajax Tavern: this is a traditional brewery for skiers visiting the Aspen resort and lodges.

Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is located about 20 kilometers from the city of Vail. It is an exclusive and very elegant ski center. It is a smaller center than others, but they have a great concern for the slopes. Besides, it is a great leisure center with art galleries, shops, and bowling alleys. Also, an ice rink is installed so that you can have fun skating.

The experience is very good since it has all kinds of services that you will need in the same specific place. You can even have personalized attention at all times.


Lastly, Breckenridge is a municipality located in the state of Colorado with a good ski center. In this town you can find all the services that you consider necessary, such as restaurants, supermarkets and accommodation. To access the ski center, you can go on a gondola lift that will take you there, to an altitude of approximately 3,000 meters. But if you don’t trust the gondola, you can go by car or tram.

It is a very large ski center that has a total of five peaks that are divided into a total of 187 tracks connected by a total of 34 lifts. Since it is so large, you will not have problems meeting crowds, so you can enjoy skiing in peace. Of course, something that you must carry as an essential is a map, since the resort is so large it’s easy to get lost.

In Summary

The state of Colorado boasts some of the best ski resorts in the country which you’ve seen with Aspen and Vail. There are many options for all different levels of skiers so pick which one suits you and your family best. The Rocky Mountains are in their maximum splendor in the winter months when they’re covered with snow so appreciate living in this state if you do!

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