Best Ski Helmets with visors

A perfect day of skiing or snowboarding just isn’t complete without adequate protection for your head and face. This means shielding yourself from snow, wind, and sun rays, all the while avoiding damage from shocks and impacts.

A ski helmet is your go-to solution when it comes to head protection, as for your face and eyes, visors can actually provide better shielding than goggles since there’s no gap to worry about. 

Moreover, visors are specially designed to deflect wind and snow away from your face, with interchangeable lenses to optimize your vision.

Today, we’ll be helping you find the best ski helmets with visors to back you up on your skiing adventures, with a detailed buying guide and review of the top 5 candidates available on the market. So let’s not waste any time and get started!

After hours of research, we’ve carefully chosen the following 5 ski helmets with visors so you can make a great purchase.

Odoland Ski Helmet With Visor

Odoland Ski Helmet With Visor

Kicking off our list with a very popular candidate, the Odoland Snow Ski Helmet with Visors has scored hundreds of positive ratings thanks to its reliable performance and affordable cost.

This ski helmet comes with interchangeable visors so you can snap them onto the helmet, wear them over the helmet, or take them off when you don’t need them.

It also has a removable fleece lining and earmuffs, as well as a detachable soft chin band, all of which are there to make you warm on colder days. The helmet is equipped with a size adjustment dial to let you fine-tune the fitting of your ski helmet to be as snug as possible.

The design of the Odoland Ski Helmet with Visors allows for impressive ventilation as it includes 12 air vent holes as well as Flow-Tech technology which aims to reduce fogging without comprising the flow of air on the inside of your visors.

This snow ski helmet is made from premium materials to ensure a high level of resistance against penetration and shocks. It’s also FDA approved, with ASTM F2024 and CE EN1077 certifications for safety.

The Odoland Snow Ski Helmet with Visors is available in a wide range of sizes and colors that are suitable for both kids and adults.


  • Removable lining, ear muffs, and chin band
  • Adjustable fit
  • Good ventilation 
  • Affordable
  • Multiple color options


  • Gets wet easily
  • Bigger sizes may face issues with forehead coverage

NENKI Ski Helmet With Visor

Nenki Ski Helmet With Visor

Another one for all the daredevils out there seeking dependable protection on the slopes without putting a dent in their wallets, the NENKI Ski Helmet with Visor offers great quality at a pretty fair price.

Weighing less than 1.5 pounds, the NENKI Ski Helmet with Visors is a lightweight option if you easily get bothered by wearing such gear. It won’t make you feel “heavy” so you can smoothly go on with your ski session.

Made of durable ABS material, this helmet with visor offers decent resistance against blows and impacts thanks to its reinforced construction. It’s also built to fully comply with CE standards and earned a CE EN 1077:2007 class B certification for safety.

The NENKI Ski Helmet with Visors is designed to protect you while being as comfortable as possible. It utilizes anti-fog technology on the visors, with lenses that block harmful UV rays.

This helmet doesn’t allow you to remove the lining or ear flaps which can be a bit of an inconvenience for when you don’t need them. However, the visors do come off and you can even wear them over your prescription glasses.

The NENKI Ski Helmet with Visors comes in 3 sizes to accommodate men, women, and youth sizes, along with a couple of color options to pick from.


  • Strong ABS construction
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable to wear with prescription glasses
  • UV protection 


  • Earflaps and lining aren’t removable
  • The fit adjustment could be easier

Yescom AHR Adult Ski Helmet With Visor

Yescom AHR Adult Ski Helmet With Visor

If you’re looking for a true bargain, then the AHR Adult Snow Ski Helmet with Visor may just be the one for you. It offers you excellent value for your money, with reliable protection against wind and snow.

The Yescom AHR Ski Helmet with Visors sports impressive high-quality construction for its price. Its shell is made of tough ABS material, complete with premium EPS lining to extend its service time.

To ensure better protection for your eyes during skiing, the visors on this helmet are treated with anti-scratch cotton which prevents wind and sand from hurting your eyes and compromising your vision.

The Yescom AHR Ski Helmet with Visors is equipped with vent openings that are strategically placed around the shell to provide you with efficient air circulation on the inside and help dissipate built-up heat.

As for the fit, this helmet carries an adjustable chin pad as well as a head circumstance device to give you a more customized experience.

The Yescom helmet weighs about 1.4 pounds, so it’s a pretty lightweight option for those concerned about such an aspect. It’s also compliant with ASTM safety standards.

The AHR Snow Ski Helmet with Visors is available in 3 colors: Orange, Black, and Pink. However, it only comes in one size for adults, suitable for head circumference 22″ to 24″.


  • Lightweight ABS shell
  • Anti-scratch visors
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Adjustable chin pad
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Works with prescription glasses


  • Needs more size variations

Bollé Backline Ski Helmet With Visor

Bollé Backline Ski Helmet With Visor

Moving on to the high-end side of our list, the Bollé Backline Ski Helmet with Visors is designed with great attention for comfort and quality to serve reliable protection for athletes during skiing down slopes and dealing with harsh weather.

The shell of the Bollé Backline Ski Helmet is constructed out of durable injected ABS which offers remarkable resistance and significant capabilities of absorbing shocks and impacts.

The ventilation system on the Bollé Backline Ski Helmet with Visors is also quite impressive. It’s an adjustable technology that you can switch on and off according to your preference at the time, allowing you to control how much air you want entering the helmet. It’s pretty easy to figure out and can really boost your overall comfort.

The integrated Panoramic Vision Technology of the Bollé Backline Ski Helmet does a wonderful job not blocking out a part of your view thanks to its wide field perspective. It’s also a nice solution for skiers wearing prescription glasses to enjoy uninterrupted vision.

This Bollé Backline Ski Helmet with Visors comes with 2 types of lenses to accommodate different lighting conditions during the changing seasons. The smoke silver mirrored lens is for bright days to block out excess sun rays, while the yellow/lemon lens is for low light conditions.


  • Premium quality
  • Adjustable and easy-to-use ventilation system
  • Impressive shock absorption
  • Panoramic Vision Technology
  • Comes with 2 lenses 


  • Expensive
  • Runs a bit small

Giro Vue MIPS Ski Helmet With Visor

Giro Vue Mips Ski Helmet With Visor

Last but definitely not least, the Giro Vue MIPS Ski Helmet with Visors is both elegant and reliable, offering superior protection from the weather elements along with a unique construction method that practically wraps your head in a cushioned shield.

This method is called In-Mold construction and it’s what makes MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) a possibility.

This technique fuses a tough outer shell made of polycarbonate with an inner impact-absorbing foam lining, delivering exceptional protection at different angles.

Fitting of the Giro Vue Ski Helmet is rather simple to figure out thanks to the built-in ergonomic dial that lets you adjust the helmet up to 6cm for a snug fit. There’s also a vertical tuning feature that lets you modify the gap width between the lens and the helmet.

Ventilation is another aspect done with impressive execution on this helmet. Using a low-profile button on the helmet’s exterior, you get to instantly control and adjust airflow inside the shell for extra comfort.

Additionally, the stack vent located at the front of the helmet helps maintain your visors fog-free to boost clear vision.

Speaking of visors, they protect you against harmful UV light as well as wind and snow. The generous XT2 padding is anti-odor, targeting the face and nose to make your experience more enjoyable.

The Giro Vue MIPS Ski Helmet with Visor comes in several sizes and colors. It’s also CE EN1077 certified.


  • MIPS supported shock absorption 
  • Customizable fit with vertical adjustment
  • Ample padding
  • Anti-odor foam
  • Great ventilation 


  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t come with extra lenses

How to Pick the Best Ski Helmet With Visors?

When shopping for a ski helmet with visor, there a few points that you should first think about before spending your money so you can make the right investment.


Right off the bat, your top priority should be buying a ski helmet in the correct size. This may seem obvious to you right now, but you’d be surprised by the number of skiers messing up their size, especially beginners.

If you want to accurately calculate your ski helmet size, you just need to measure the circumference of your head in inches as well as centimeters.

Depending on the manufacturer, you’ll find their helmet size chart to be using either one of these units with a certain range for each size, so you can go ahead and choose the closest match to your measurements.

Don’t worry, once you have the helmet, you can usually alter its “range” by adjusting some sizing straps or dials to help you achieve a snug fit.


As soon as you’re sure about your fit, you want to check the helmet for safety certifications and features.

These safety certifications are a reliable way of making sure you’re buying a helmet that was manufactured in compliance with a set of standards to meet the minimum approved protection levels.

The most common certificates are ASTM F2024 in the United States and CEN 1077 in Europe.

Other than certifications, ski helmets offer varying degrees of shock absorption, UV rays blocking, and penetration resistance. You want to pick a helmet that includes a decent level of everything while sticking to your budget.


How much a ski helmet weighs can be a major deciding factor for many skiers. However, since the tradeoff is typically weight vs protection, it can be tricky to make a choice.

Ideally, you want a helmet that’s light enough to not weigh you down or hurt your neck, but still has sturdy construction to actually protect you from impacts.


A good ski helmet with visor will offer adequate ventilation to allow for efficient air circulation and heat dissipation. That’s why you’ll need to pick a helmet with enough vent holes as well as breathable lining and padding.

Some ski helmet models can even let you control the amount of air reaching inside the shell to make your experience extra comfy.

Ear Muffs 

It’s not uncommon for ski helmets to include some sort of covers or muffs for your ears. They’re added as extra protection against wind and cold air that hits your face from the sides. These muffs should preferably be removable, so you can take them out when you don’t need them or if they need cleaning.

Chin Straps

Finally, you want your ski helmet with visor to come with chin straps. These straps will help you secure a proper fit since they’re always adjustable, so you won’t have to worry about your helmet slipping off your head.

Wrap Up

A ski helmet with a visor is must-have gear to keep your head and face safe while protecting your eyes and maintaining your field of vision. Thanks to our list of the 5 best ski helmets with visors, we’re confident that your decision will be much easier.

That being said, if you’re looking for a reliable ski helmet that covers all the basics and doesn’t break the bank, then the Odoland Snow Ski Helmet With Visors should be right up your alley.

However, if you don’t mind to splurge on premium quality construction and seriously impressive safety and comfort features, then be sure to check out the Bollé Backline Ski Helmet With Visors.