Best Powder Skis

Enjoy an out-of-this-world feeling when skiing the best powder skis. These skis are designed to give you the best performance on powder snow. These skis are also called super-fats and will make you feel like you’re flying or floating in the air.

In this article, we’ll review some of the best powder skis on the market. We’ll also highlight some of the best features to consider when you’re shopping for the right pair. 

Enjoy more maneuverability and control when you’re using the best powder skis. When the powder is deep, these skis represent the best choice. Here are our top picks.

Armada Tracer 108 Skis

Armada Tracer 108

Looking for a jack of all trades? Take a look at these remarkable skis to enjoy mountain freeriding. They’re the best for resort and touring as they provide outstanding performance on powder snow. 

Thanks to the Poplar-Caruba core, these skis will give you stability in downhill movements without jeopardizing the fun. They feature a mesh laminate that gives you the needed feel for the best performance and maneuver. The angled mesh optimizes vibration to make the skis more stable without adding weight that can affect your speed. 

The beveled top sheet shaves mass in high-density snow. Moreover, they give the skis maximum stability while floating in soft snow. They feature rubber and titanal that are infused in the construction to dampen vibrations and stabilize them on all terrains. 

If you’re looking for outstanding crud performance then you should look no further. These powder skis will support your body if you want to ski on crud. It’s quite unpredictable and these skis are designed to keep you safe and ready for such a challenge. 

The weakest point of these skis would be related to flotation. They don’t float softly during turns so you should be an expert-level skier to handle them. 

These skis are designed for advanced or expert level users who like to carve with intense precision or take the biggest challenges. They lack bindings that make you feel more secure, especially if you’re a beginner.


  • Maximum fun in mountain freeriding and Alpine touring.
  • Angled mesh to optimize vibrations.
  • Dampens vibration for more stability.
  • Reduced mass compared to high-density snow.
  • Suitable for advanced and expert level skiing enthusiasts.


  • Don’t come with bindings for more stability.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

Product Specifications

Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters)134-108-126
Lengths (In Centimeters)164, 172, 180, 188
Radius (In Meters)19

Rossignol Super 7 HD Skis

Rossignol Super 7 HD Skis

Powder and packed powder are very desirable. And with the help of these skis, you can enjoy a full day of skiing without feeling tired or strained. 

These skis are large compared to other models, to give you the perfect flotation when you’re exploring powder hills. They feature carbon alloy and a wooden core that combines lightweight with extra stability and sturdiness so they can handle the challenge. 

The material in the tail and shovel reduces the weight of the skis as you’re swinging in all directions. These skis are designed to make powder skiing easier and more fun, so they have a perfect score when it comes to playfulness. 

They’re quite stiff towards the middle-third of the skis so they provide more stability. Compared to other models of the same length, they’re slightly lighter to allow you to move freely and comfortably.

If you’re a first-timer with little experience with powder snow, these might be the right ones for you. They come with a few tweaks that make them more suitable for beginners so they can enhance performance on powder snow. 

Beginners and intermediate-level skiers will find these skis suitable and balanced. As long as you’re not trying to ski too fast, these will work perfectly. They’re easy to slide at moderate speeds as long as the snow isn’t extra deep. They’re not that dynamic for expert-level skiers.


  • Lightweight skis.
  • More balanced core for less experienced users.
  • Provide more stability while turning.
  • Excellent flotation when the snow isn’t too deep.


  • Not suitable for more experienced users.
  • Less stable at higher speeds.

Product Specifications

Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters)140-116-130
Lengths (In Centimeters)172, 180, 188
Radius (In Meters)21

K2 Pinnacle 118 Skis

K2 Pinnacle 118 Skis

These skis offer the right balance between float and stability for powder skiing. They feature the semi-cap construction that allows you to initiate and maintain stability in soft snow for maximum safety and more fun.

These aren’t designed for deep snow powder skiing, so they will work better at the beginning of the season when the snow is still soft. They will also work on corduroy snow since it’s stable and more predictable. 

Maintaining stability at high speeds is a big plus, as they keep your feet stable most of the time. They might not be the right skis for you if the surface is extremely hard. You should avoid using them on rough refrozen snow. 

Thanks to their carbon construction, these skis will give you a buttery ride and more bounce when you’re turning. They’re less forgiving than freeride skis so they lie in the mid-range of playfulness. They feature carbon instead of metal sheets, so they aren’t damp enough to reduce vibrations and shocks. They won’t score high when it comes to crud performance. 

You need to be a strong and experienced skier to enjoy the best performance of these stiff skis. Lighter skiers might find themselves out of balance, especially when they’re trying to go a long length. They don’t work for all skiing conditions and levels, but they are perfect for mid-season powder snow.


  • Flotation and stability.
  • Suitable for the beginning of the season and mid-season powder skiing.
  • Keep feet stable.
  • Suitable for intermediate-level skiers.


  • Don’t work in deep refrozen snow.
  • Less stability if you’re a lightweight person going at a high speed.

Product Specifications

Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters)145-118-135
Lengths (In Centimeters)177, 184, 191
Radius (In Meters)23

Scott Scrapper 115 Skis

Scott Scrapper 115 Skis

Although these skis feature a softer tip, they’re quite stiff throughout the overall body. With such a flex pattern, these will provide more stability and power. They have a slightly larger radius than other models so they’re quite straight in the underfoot area.

If you’re interested in deeper powder snow, then these skis are perfect for you. You can try Alpine binding with them so see how they will perform as lighter inbounds skis. Moreover, these skis will perform incredibly on crud and soft powder where you can experience outstanding flotation and playfulness.

When you’re going too slow, the skis will become quite hard to bend. However, as you go faster, the skis will have the needed energy to be more precise. You should be an active and dynamic skier to enjoy the perks of owning and using these skis as they’re not designed for novice users. 

This ski is more playful and looser than other skis of the same length and weight. You need to have more experience as you’re using it in various conditions. It allows you to enjoy maximum playfulness in powder snow, in particular as it’s not as tapered as other models. 

Approaching bumps can become very aggressive when you’re using these skis due to their straight stiff design. They don’t deflect at high speeds but you won’t be able to enjoy their performance when you’re going slow. They require strong input from an experienced level skier who isn’t afraid to push forward.


  • Stiff body with less flex for different types of snow.
  • Larger radius for maximum stability.
  • Lightweight for improved performance at higher speeds.
  • Suitable for experienced and active skiers.


  • Don’t provide a smooth experience at low speeds.
  • Hard to turn and flex.

Product Specifications

Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters)142-115-131
Lengths (In Centimeters)182, 189
Radius (In Meters)23

Kästle FX116 Skis

Kästle FX116 Skis

These skis feature a rocker-design. This means that the tail and the tip point up and aren’t perfectly straight. Since the middle is bowed, the skies flatten out when you press on them with your weight as you ski. 

The design allows for maximum contact with powder snow for the perfect experience. The core is made of a combination of beechwood and silver fir to keep the skis lightweight and responsive. The beechwood dampens vibrations and shocks to provide a seamless experience on various terrains. 

With ABS sidewalls, the core of the skis is protected from water, rocks, and other factors that affect durability. The base is made of graphite to provide you with the smoothest ride, especially when you’re charging at a high speed. Moreover, there’s a fiberglass laminate to make you more comfortable.

If you’re looking for a stable set of skis then these should be your top choice. They will protect you from feeling all the bumps whether you’re riding on curd or powder snow. They’re extremely lightweight to help you enjoy more maneuverability. Moreover, because they’re lightweight, they will cause less strain even if you use them for hours. 

Beginners and less experienced users will find these users more difficult to use due to their design and features. They’re less forgiving and precise than other skis that might appeal to first-timers. They lack some extra flex and give that might make your experience more fun.


  • Rocker design that flattens out for maximum contact.
  • Stable and lightweight skis.
  • Designed for active skiers.
  • Don’t cause strain.


  • Less forgiving at lower speeds.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

Product Specifications

Tip / Waist / Tail (In Millimeters)141-115-130
Lengths (In Centimeters)177, 185, 193
Radius (In Meters)24

Powder Skis FAQ

What is Powder Snow?

Understanding different types of snow gives you a good idea about which skis to pick before you start skiing. You know how to handle yourself so you can become a better skier.

Powder snow is the sweetest and most popular type of snow out there. This is fresh snow that has just fallen on the sides of the mountain, waiting for you to come and break the ice and enjoy it for the first time.

This type of snow is fluffy so it provides a smooth ride for all skiers, regardless of their level. This is true, especially if they come equipped with the right powder skis that can provide the perfect balance between stability and speed.

It’s more forgiving than other types of snow, so it feels like you’re skiing on a soft pillow that keeps you comfortable and supports your weight. However, there might be a few bumps that you should look out for when you’re skiing to guarantee that you will be safe.

Going too slow on powder snow isn’t the best idea. This snow is what you need if you want to experience a moon-like experience as you can carve and push yourself. This is why you’ll need to look for lightweight skis that can provide you with the needed speed.

However, you shouldn’t be reckless while going on powder snow. Powder snow can be quite thick and deceiving. This means that it might cover some rocks or stones that can suddenly stop you or cause an unfortunate event. Keeping an open eye while skiing is always recommended, no matter how experienced you are. 

Most skiers believe that crud is the next phase of powder snow. After the snow has melted and frozen several times, it tends to pile into different areas. This means that some spots will be slippery while others will be quite packed with snow. 

Crud is less even so it’s a bit more challenging. The key to successful skiing is to keep an open eye so you can know where you’re going. Some skis are designed to provide outstanding performance on curd which can be bumpy and a little surprising.

How to Pick the Best Powder Skis?

When you’re shopping for powder skis, stability and balance should be your main concerns. Here are a few features to think about when you’re shopping for a new pair of powder skis.


Because powder snow is a little unexpected, opting for a rocker design can be a great choice. Powder snow is soft and feels more like a liquid than solid and the rocker design will support your body as you go at a higher speed. 

A rocker-like tip helps you go faster. When the tail features a rocker design, this will allow you to control speed as you slide. 

A stiffer and straighter powder ski will make you go faster so it’s a good choice for an experienced skier. However, it will be less forgiving when you face bumps along the slope. 


The core of your skis should be lightweight yet stable. Remember that powder skis are designed to suit skiers who want to charge at maximum speed. This is why, you’ll usually find skis featuring a core made of carbon or wood, reinforced with other materials like metals for more sturdiness.

Unlike other skis that might feature metal cores, these ones value being lightweight and flexible over anything else. Look for models that can withstand the harsh conditions that the snow can bring, without being overweight.


Most powder skis aren’t that forgiving. This means that they lack the flex that you can find on other types of skis. Powder skis are all about going fast, so you need to make sure that they’re designed to slide smoothly on the snow. They won’t work for you if you’re interested in taking turns due to their limited flex.

Level of Experience

The last factor that you should take into consideration, is your ability as a skier. Remember that not all skis are designed to suit novice and first-time skiers, especially if you have little or no experience with powder snow. 

Some skis are built to support your body when you’re going too fast because they’re designed for experienced users. Some skis will work for beginners because you can go slow without affecting performance on powder snow.

Wrap Up

Although looking for the best pair of powder skis can seem challenging, especially for a beginner, there are several good models on the market that you can browse for the best skiing experience. We chose the Armada Tracer 108 as our top choice due to its outstanding performance on curd and powder snow. 

It might not be an excellent choice for beginners because you can experience the best of it only when you’re going at full speed. Nevertheless, there are other models that can work for you if you’re taking your first step in powder snow.

Every pair of skis on our list won’t disappoint you. We recommend that you take a good look at our suggestions and you’ll eventually find a decent pair that works.