Jan 11

Why We Love Old Man Winter

While the January Thaw earlier this month hooked us up with a few pleasant, spring-like days, it also wiped out a good bit of our already thin snow pack. Then, while out skiing a few meager pasture strips last Tuesday (see first image below), snowflakes started to fly once again. It was as if Old Man Winter felt sorry for us. And now, a week later, he’s come through once again with a snow cycle that has dropped 10-30″ of fresh snow across the higher mountains of the northeast over the last 5-6 days… enough to get Vermont’s Mad River Glen back open (they suspended operations on the upper mountain for a week), and enough to keep most of us powder hounds on cloud nine for a while…(Click on photos within post to enlarge). Ski you out there! – Brian

After the Thaw last week in central Vermont – biking in search of snow…

Pasture strips…

One week later…Chris Mayone and friends, getting after it in Vermont’s Mad River Valley on Monday, Jan 10, 2011:

The snow and clouds clearing at sunset…


  1. Chris S.

    It really snowed up there! What a great turnaround.

  2. Ben Falk

    Nice ones! Love the contrast. Brown to white and everything in between.

  3. Jase

    Love the bike riding in tele boots. Where’s the 3-pin pedals?

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