Mar 25

What a Spring! Now, Back to Winter.

Sure, it was a thin-cover season here in the Northeast. Powder days were elusive. And dust on crust was often glorified with descriptions like “micro-pow”, “expert-powder” and “20-30!!….millimeters”. But despite the sparse offerings of the 2011-12 winter season in the Northeast, the last two weeks of nearly flawless spring weather helped to compensate by offering some of the most delectable skiing of the season. The abundance of warm air, super-edgeable snow – if not totally mushy at times – and bright blue skies had many skiers enjoying a regular dance with gravity with powder-day smiles on their faces.

With Old Man Winter regaining control of our weather pattern this coming week, it’s easy to wonder about what lies ahead. Will the Old Man coat our mountains with snow again, and give us another cycle of powder days and spring conditions to enjoy in the mountains? Only time will tell.

Ski you out there.

Rob Bisbee enjoying one last run of the year with natural snow on Paradise at Mad River Glen last week.

It was a short, but very sweet season on Mount Washington this spring.

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  1. Lil Jimmy

    reminds me why i moved west…wow that is horrific

    1. AdventureSkier.com

      Hi Jimmy – I’m not sure if this reply is working correctly right now, so reply back if you can. Thanks for your comment and for checking out our site. Horrific is one way to put it. But really, I’m curious, why does it appear horrific? Believe it or not, these have been some of the most enjoyable days of the season for many of us. There’s just something special about spring conditions. We lived and skied out west for ten years, and then moved back to the Northeast. We still love skiing out there, too, whenever we can. Let’s be in touch.

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