Apr 14

Two Wheels, Two Planks!!


For about ten years, we’ve been dreaming of taking our bike-supported skiing adventures to another level. Day and weekend trips – especially those beginning and ending in front of the shed – continue to be great fun, but the idea of setting off for weeks on end has only been stewing in our minds. We contemplated a late winter/early spring tour of the northeast US, but decided to save that one for a later date and larger project. We considered the southern Andes, where we have collectively spent six months bicycle-adventuring and backcountry skiing, but not at once. Alaska, the Rockies and parts of northern Asia also made the list.

Still, none of these areas promised what we were really after: easy access to snow; good weather/road conditions for camping and cycling; skiing right to the ocean; and a skiing/cycling ratio skewed in favor of skiing…lots and lots of skiing. The bikes would simply be our means of transportation between “ski-camps”, into town for supplies or to the start of our daily skiing adventures.

Okay, so we are a little bit picky. And to top things off, we were also seeking a place where the culture embraced skiing, and the mountains had a real story to tell – if not many stories to tell.

Before long, maps of northern Norway began to clutter our living room. The region’s wild coastal mountain ranges, its Sami history and its convenient network of roads and ferry boats were too hard to resist. The “Arctic Alps” were calling.

So, on April 22, the journey begins…
Stay tuned!

-Brian and Emily


  1. Kyle Kershner

    Scope it out and some day, when real estate comes back, I’m going with you!

  2. Jason

    Wow … A dream trip. All the best for a great adventure.

  3. Runar

    New skis but old bikes??? Be safe and have fun. It´ll for sure be a great trip.


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