Mar 22

This Time, Last Year: Canoe-Ski

This time last year, a solid snow pack at river valley levels and easygoing river conditions (pre-snowmelt, with ice cleared from previous thaw) tempted us to head out on another canoe-skiing adventure – this time down Vermont’s White River Valley.  With our friend Justin Beckwith, we set off in our trusty 16′ river canoes, climbed from our canoes and skied several beautiful runs right to river. We pulled over for an ice cream cone break in a village along the way, and we enjoyed a cozy camp on a faraway island (glorified gravel bar) – complete with a warm fire, a great meal and one heck of a good night’s sleep. In the days following the trip, it felt as if we had briefly gone to Alaska and back.

It was a trip we will be sure to repeat…but not this year! – Brian

(Stay tuned for additional posts about this adventure. Thanks to Vermont’s Clearwater Sports, as well as Pistil Designs, for their support of this adventure)

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  1. Christa

    Love the bright colors. Nice hat Emily!

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