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May 22

Photo of the Week: Midnight Madness

While pedaling north last week alongside Norway’s Arctic Alps, we savored the warm and colorful rays of the evening sun before embarking on another skiing adventure in the mountains. It was approx. 10pm – just twenty minutes after snapping this photo – when we were finally heading out on our skis. The sun did not …

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Apr 24

2 Wheels, 2 Planks: Big Mountain, Little Town

After catching up on some much needed sleep last night, we ate a very late breakfast before setting our sights for Tromso’s iconic local mountain – Tromsdaltinden – which is featured in the photo below. Looming large approx. 4000′ above this Arctic island town, Tromsdaltinden was impossible to resist. And at the crack of 2:30pm …

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Apr 23

2 Wheels, 2 Planks: Day One!

After dodging Iceland-born volcanic ash while crossing the Atlantic this morning, Emily, Forrest Twombly and I arrived to the higher latitudes of Arctic Norway. Two hours spent rigging our ski-bikes for the weeks of adventure ahead were followed by a pleasant bike ride to a cozy b&b in the island city of Tromso. Home to …

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