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Jan 30

Photo(s) of the Week: Shallow Pow, Backyard Pow!

Small doses of light and fluffy snow has continued to help cushion the post-Thaw crust still lingering about over the last couple of weeks, and in many ways, the conditions off-piste have been “shallow powder” at its finest. This has been an especially fun snow condition for exploring the untracked backyard and backcountry, for covering …

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Feb 18

45 Days of Powder Skiing!

As much as it is always a wee-bit sad to see our deep and powder-coated snow pack at the mercy of the warm air upon the northeast right now, we have much to celebrate. First, leading up to this 36-hour warm up, conditions off-piste and in the backountry, especially in sheltered higher elevation zones, have …

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Jan 11

Why We Love Old Man Winter

While the January Thaw earlier this month hooked us up with a few pleasant, spring-like days, it also wiped out a good bit of our already thin snow pack. Then, while out skiing a few meager pasture strips last Tuesday (see first image below), snowflakes started to fly once again. It was as if Old …

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Jan 05

Backcountry Update: Early Jan – Post Thaw – Dust on Crust

After nearly three weeks of cold temps and beautiful skiing (see above and this video)- especially in the more open, higher elevation backcountry zones – a perfectly seasonal January Thaw has taken its toll. While the Thaw has left us with an especially thin snowpack down low (if you’ve got any snow at all) across …

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Jan 03

Northeast Skiing: A World of Contrasts

The past week in the northeast offered a perfectly normal yet utterly wild swing in the weather and snow conditions – an annual event many of us refer to as the January Thaw. For the moment, at least, the change in weather has nearly wiped out the thin snowpack we had at the lowest elevations, …

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