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May 08

2 Wheels, 2 Planks: High Passes, Big Moon, Spring in Switzerland

Powder skiing during the 40-50cm storm that nearly broke the 20-day stretch of daily/nightly snowfall that welcomed us to the Alps. Between sunny days, snow fell for two more nights as we rolled east to Austria and Italy. Skiing as the 70-80 mph gusts of a good old fashioned foehn wind blew in, among the …

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Apr 24

2 Wheels, 2 Planks: Mid-Winter in the Rhaetian Alps

If we didn’t take the snowflakes flying among the budding birches and blooming daffodils upon our arrival to Zurich back on April 7, we should have. For all but one of the last 18 days, beautiful fresh snow has been falling from the skies above us in the Swiss-Austrian-Italian Alps. And this past Sunday may …

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