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Jan 24

Dodging Rain Showers

The resiliency of the ski season here in the Northeast never ceases to amaze us. Last Tuesday afternoon (1/17), when temperatures climbed above freezing and a steady rainfall ensued, it was hard to imagine that we’d be skiing such beautiful snow just a few days later. Then again, this is the Northeast – home to …

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Nov 18

Photo of the Week: Shin-Deep Singletrack

Although at least a few skiers managed to squeek in a few exciting runs on natural snow last weekend, Old Man Winter is apparently in no great hurry to get on with things. And that’s just fine. Meanwhile, the mountain bike trails continue to be relatively dry; there’s still wood lying around for 2012-13 that …

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Mar 20

Photo of the Week: Spring on its Way…Time to Get After It

Thepast week’s warmth and sunshine was really our first good taste of the wonderful spring season to come. And with rivers swelling and sap running, Old Man Winter will be hard pressed to stick around for long. Although it appears he will be in charge again this coming week, spring, no doubt, is on its …

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Feb 22

Photo of the Week: Snow-fire!

Thanks to several inches of snow falling in the mountains over the last several days, there’s been some nice fresh valium online ireland snow to be skied on wind-sheltered, snow-catching aspects. And where the wind is blowing, beauty abounds. The mountains caught fire on Tuesday as fresh snow clinging to the upper elevation canopy was …

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Oct 21

Photo of the Week: Moonlit October Corn!

Oct 21, 2010 – Although you might have had to ski it to believe it, the skiing in the days following last weekend’s nor’easter has been beautiful and utterly spring like. With increasingly mild days in the valleys, and crispy cool nights, the snow’s been transforming to a near-perfect corn snow in the mountains – …

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