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Jan 01

Climbing and Skiing 2 Million Vertical Feet in One Year

Just yesterday, British Columbia based Greg Hill – a passionate and talented skier, husband, and father of two – successfully reached his goal of climbing and skiing 2 million vertical feet (670,000 meters) in one year. To accomplish this, he did not rely on chairlifts, snow cats, snowmobiles, helicopters to reach the top of his …

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Nov 02

Backcountry Magazine Barn Bash

Don’t miss the upcoming Barn Bash, a great party, film showing, raffle and dance party – brought to you by our friends at Backcountry Magazine, on Friday, Nov. 5 from 6-10pm in Cambridge, VT.

Jun 16

Photo of the Week: Skiing in June – Take 2

Here’s another example of what some of us northeastern skiers are known to do in June – when the snow is gone, but our skiing stoke is not. This is another image from East Greenland’s Schweizerland Alps, captured on a remote island that is part of an Arctic archipelago anchoring the southern end of these …

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