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Mar 18

Photo of the Week: Forrest Flying

Yes, forest is usually spelled with one “r”, but in this case, it’s our friend Forrest we’re talking about here. Forrest likes to fly when descending a deeply snow covered and relatively steep hardwood forest, especially when there’s an abundance of flight-assisting ledges, downed trees and boulders scattered about…and especially when it’s mid March – …

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May 07

Photo of the Week: The Steep Season

You can always count on the White Mountains of New Hampshire for offering up some of the finest steep corn in the country this time of year. Terrain that is seldom safe and fun to ski mid-winter transforms into a candy store for skiers in springtime. Days like this often beg the question…if you had …

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Nov 15

Photo of the Week: Thin Cover is Fun

Maybe it’s because a thin snow pack is all we have to work with sometimes in the northeast. Or perhaps it has to do with those “thin cover” signs we’d come across on the ski hill as kids…and the great fun we’d have leaving the adults behind while we jumped dirt patches and straight-lined large …

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