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Nov 21

Weekend Stoke: The Invisible Skier

It was a week full of powder storms in the higher elevations of Vermont and beyond. We even managed to spot the ever-elusive invisible skier. The intense snowfall must have temporarily short-circuited her cloaking device…Within moments, however, she disappeared again – with her tracks quickly disguised by the wind. Ski you out there. -Brian LIKE …

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Jan 11

Why We Love Old Man Winter

While the January Thaw earlier this month hooked us up with a few pleasant, spring-like days, it also wiped out a good bit of our already thin snow pack. Then, while out skiing a few meager pasture strips last Tuesday (see first image below), snowflakes started to fly once again. It was as if Old …

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Dec 13

Backcountry Update: Fresh Snow is Falling

Life is good when fresh snow falls day after day after day – a pattern we might be settling into this week. With snow falling steadily across the northeast’s mountains by late in the day Monday, Tuesday morning promises to offer fresh tracks on established downhill ski trails and higher elevation nordic trails. Still, the …

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