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Apr 30

Photo of the Week: Off Piste on Mozodepowadso

For many generations before the arrival of white settlers, the Abenaki referred to Vermont’s highest mountain as “Mozodepowadso”, which translates to Moosehead Mountain. For reasons not entirely clear (as investigated by VT’s Seven Days in July 2013), Big Mozo came to be called Mt. Mansfield in the mid-18th century – and the name has remained …

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Jul 10

Photo of the Week: July Snow in Vermont!

Early last week, Scott Braaten, the snow reporter for Vermont’sStowe Mountain Resort spotted this lonesome chunk of snow in Vermont’s Green Mountains. It was likely one of the very last remnants of the incredible winter of 2010-11. Unlike the deep ravines of New Hampshire’s Presidential Range, Vermont’s mountains rarely harbor snow into July. And given …

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Mar 20

Photo of the Week: Spring on its Way…Time to Get After It

Thepast week’s warmth and sunshine was really our first good taste of the wonderful spring season to come. And with rivers swelling and sap running, Old Man Winter will be hard pressed to stick around for long. Although it appears he will be in charge again this coming week, spring, no doubt, is on its …

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Nov 15

Photo of the Week: Thin Cover is Fun

Maybe it’s because a thin snow pack is all we have to work with sometimes in the northeast. Or perhaps it has to do with those “thin cover” signs we’d come across on the ski hill as kids…and the great fun we’d have leaving the adults behind while we jumped dirt patches and straight-lined large …

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