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Nov 15

Photo of the Week: Ski Locally

No fossil fuels were consumed going skiing this weekend … While the snow today was not as deep as it was earlier in the weekend, a subtle thaw-freeze cycle Saturday improved the skiing substantially by this morning. (Pine needles also offer up a very fun sliding surface). Days like this leave us convinced that skiing …

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Dec 17

Photo of the Week: Winter is Back

Old Man Winter finally seems to be done taking naps and neglecting his snowfall producing duties. He breathed some fresh snow into the mountains across the northeast Friday and earlier today, and he now seems intent on offering up some more on Monday and then again on Wednesday. It’s likely going to be a white …

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Nov 13

Thin Cover and Twisty Trails

We didn’t quite make out with the November snow of our dreams this past weekend in the northeast, but Friday’s mountain snows made for some genuinely fun thin-cover skiing. A solid dusting to nearly 2″ fell across the higher elevations Friday and Friday night, just enough to keep at least some of us off our …

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Nov 01

Photo of the Week: Halloween Turns

After skiing like a super hero who we began to call “Ski-Ra”, a smiling Ski-Ra turned to us and declared, “I think I’m always going to ski with a cape. It’s so fun!” Meanwhile, Matt Davis (below), our maple-sugaring, yurt-living, science teaching friend, dressed up like a regular skier, not wanting anything to interfere with …

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