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Mar 08

Adirondack High

As we shared a couple of weeks back (link), the late-winter snow pack in the Adirondacks has been luring us to explore some of the many new landslide paths created by Tropical Storm Irene last August. And after several recent adventures in the Dacks, it’s become clear that Irene has dramatically expanded the scope of …

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Oct 10

Photo of the Week: Ski Towns Need Your Help

Update: A fun triathlon/fundraiser for the flood-ravaged towns of White River Valley is planned for this coming Sunday, Oct. 16. This is another great way to pitch in. Check it out HERE. It should be no news by now that historic rains from Tropical Storm Irene nearly devastated many homes, businesses and farms, as well …

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Sep 06

Photo of the Week: Flooded Skis

It should be no news by now that much of Vermont, as well as many areas along the US east coast, were hard hit by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene’s flooding rains and wind. If you aren’t already helping out in the large-scale recovery effort now underway, please consider pitching in any way you can. If you …

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Sep 01

Irene’s Rains Create New Slides in the Dacks, Whites…

Natural landslide paths (aka “slides”) are in abundance throughout New York’s highest Adirondacks. And thanks to Irene’s flooding rains (the same rains that have ravaged many parts of the northeast), the list of skiable slide paths is now longer than ever. Take a peek at the nice update that our friends at Adirondack Backcountry Skiing …

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