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Aug 26

Photo/Video of the Week: First Turns of the Season…on Grass Clippings

It seems Marquette Season is off to a particularly early start this time around. Sure, we’ve had some cool nights lately across the north country, but it’s hard telling what is inspiring folks to ski weeks before the first heavy frosts of the season. Then again, Marquette Backcountry Skis defy winter. They make skiing on …

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Sep 24

Photo of the Week: One Inch Rule

The last couple of weather fronts and rain storms have ushered in the beautiful fall season in classic form. It’s amazing how Mother Nature, with the flick of a her switch, can take us out of a distinctly summery weather pattern right into the cooler, crispier and breezier days of fall. At least a few …

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Aug 07

Photo of the Week: Skier Nutrition… Kippered Snacks

Our good buddy Brennan could be the international ski industry spokesperson for Brunswick’s “Kippered” Seafood Snacks – Boneless Herring Fillets. He considers them to be one of the ultimate skiers’ foods… They are loaded with calories and lot’s of other good stuff (like Omega-3 fatty acids). They’re easy to carry and even easier to cache …

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Apr 09

Alta Presents: The Rope Tow Wedgie!

Jonesing for some fresh snow here in the northeast, we came across this priceless video footage while looking for footage of the recent big dump the Wasatch. We hope the skier, who thought he need to straddle the rope, ventolin inhaler weight gain instead of grabbing a hold of it with his hand, has fully …

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