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Aug 07

Photo of the Week: Skier Nutrition… Kippered Snacks

Our good buddy Brennan could be the international ski industry spokesperson for Brunswick’s “Kippered” Seafood Snacks – Boneless Herring Fillets. He considers them to be one of the ultimate skiers’ foods… They are loaded with calories and lot’s of other good stuff (like Omega-3 fatty acids). They’re easy to carry and even easier to cache …

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Aug 30

Photo of the Week: Summer Survival

There are many wonderful ways we all cope with the relative lack of snow in the summer months, yet none compares to the thrill of riding an ocean wave… This one courtesy of Hurricane Danielle.

Jul 12

Surfing Arctic Norway

We recently stumbled upon this terrific short film about Arctic Norway – produced from a surfer’s perspective. It features some of the same mountain areas that we explored by bicycle and skis this past spring. Whether you enjoy surfing or not, we think you’ll enjoy this! – Brian and Emily