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Apr 29

Photo of the Week: Ode to Biking, Skiing…Norway

It was just a year ago this week that we and our friends Forrest Twombly and Tom Hite set off on an bicycle-powered skiing adventure through the coastal mountains of Arctic Norway. And while flowers bloom and our rivers flow with rain and snowmelt here in the northeast, the experience is fresh on our minds. …

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Jan 11

Why We Love Old Man Winter

While the January Thaw earlier this month hooked us up with a few pleasant, spring-like days, it also wiped out a good bit of our already thin snow pack. Then, while out skiing a few meager pasture strips last Tuesday (see first image below), snowflakes started to fly once again. It was as if Old …

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Apr 14

Two Wheels, Two Planks!!

For about ten years, we’ve been dreaming of taking our bike-supported skiing adventures to another level. Day and weekend trips – especially those beginning and ending in front of the shed – continue to be great fun, but the idea of setting off for weeks on end has only been stewing in our minds. We …

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Oct 28

Pedal Powered Skiing

Sometimes, instead of driving to the ski hill, we drop our ski packs into our BOB trailers, hop onto our bikes and pedal no more than an hour before beginning a beautiful day of skiing in our local mountains… It makes a great day of skiing truly world class, and it has made us excited …

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