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May 08

2 Wheels, 2 Planks: High Passes, Big Moon, Spring in Switzerland

Powder skiing during the 40-50cm storm that nearly broke the 20-day stretch of daily/nightly snowfall that welcomed us to the Alps. Between sunny days, snow fell for two more nights as we rolled east to Austria and Italy. Skiing as the 70-80 mph gusts of a good old fashioned foehn wind blew in, among the …

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Jun 26

Updated Weather Page – Check it out!

12-Hour Loop for Northern Hemisphere U.S./Canada – Courtesy: Unisys Weather Whether you are a weather junkie or not, take a peek at our newly updated weather page, which includes some cool time-lapse infrared, satellite and water vapor or the U.S. and the Northeast. As we continue to make improvements to this page, please feel free …

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May 12

Ski Flying Over Avalanches in the Alps

Although this is a bit nutty, with Antoine Montant (a Chamonix-based extreme skier) setting off avalanches as he descends, there’s something about generic antibiotics bronchitis this that is downright impressive… (Thanks for the tip on this Mike B.!) Speed Riding – Antoine Montant – Can’t Stop

Mar 07

Avalanche in the Adirondacks

Two northeastern skiers were caught in a dangerous soft-slab avalanche on the Angel Slides below Wright Peak in the High Peaks of New York’s Adirondack Mountains on Febraury 27, 2010. Like most landslide paths, alpine gulleys and steeper faces in the Adirondacks, the Angel Slides are naturally prone to avalanches. In February 2000, another avalanche …

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Mar 03

Avalanches in the White Mountains

Nearly 60″ of fresh snow over the last week has once again transformed our northeastern mountains. With 8″ of wind-driven snow having fallen this past Sunday night on the higher summits of the White Mountains, slab avalanches will remain a considerable risk on many steeper slopes in the coming days. If you are heading to …

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