Dec 22

Solstice, Skiing and Sauna

We made the most of the shortest day of the year by enjoying fresh tracks in some higher elevation, off-piste terrain that’s been tempting us for days, and by enjoying a nice wood-fired sauna with a few friends. The warmth and light of the sauna soothed our souls and recharged our bodies. And now, with snow falling again today and each day growing brighter, we have much to look forward to in the weeks and months ahead…

Happy winter to everyone, and happy holidays!
-Brian and Emily


  1. Brooks

    Where did you find the wood burning sauna?
    or can’t you say?

    1. AdventureSkier.com

      Hi Brooks-
      Thanks for checking in. We’ve been using saunas regularly for over ten years. And after coming up with a good plan – relying on our observations and experiences with 20+ different saunas we’ve enjoyed – we finally banged one out ourselves back in early November. It has already improved our lives dramatically. It’s the perfect compliment to a day in the mountains. If you are up this way, give us a shout, and perhaps we can all enjoy a sauna together.
      Happy holidays to you.

  2. JJ

    Well DONE!!! She looks beautiful. Looking forward to seeing you guys. Maybe the Sugarbush slide show. Happy Holidays & Cheers!

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