Jan 15

The Friday the 13th Storm…Honoring MLK

The storm we’ve all been waiting for dumped 10-20″ of fresh snow across the mountains of the northeast on Thursday and Friday, January 13th. By early Saturday morning, Vermont skiers like Justin Chapman and Dave Bouchard (ahead and back, in the first photo, respectively) were easily belly deep in powder on steeper, leeward aspects surrounding Vermont’s Mad River Valley. These images were captured at Mad River Glen.

Cold sunshine prevailed on Sunday and Monday. Thanks to the fresh snow, we now have some base to work with at lower elevations (although it’s still dangerously thin, so be careful!). It was also nice to spend a moment on Monday honoring the late, great Martin Luther King, Jr. Had he been a skier, I think he would have been loving it last weekend, while enjoying the freedom of the hills.


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