Mar 20

Skiing on Water

When Vermonter Jason Starr revealed his “surf skis” to the world in 2009, he opened the doors to an entirely new realm of skiing adventure. Throughout 2010, a growing community of passionate skiers with a strong connection to the water are taking Starr’s surf-skis to the rolling waves of our nearby oceans. Some are paddling into these waves with single or double-bladed paddles, while others are tapping into the power of a jetski as they tow into big ocean surf.

California skier and surfer, Chuck Patterson, is on a mission to put Starr’s surf skis to the ultimate test. He’s recently been towing into some good sized waves off the Pacific coast, and he’s skiing lines unlike any of us have skied before. This photo that Chuck captured on March 18 off the coast of northern California puts things into perspective… Chuck gets extra style points, too, for skiing these waves with his ski poles in hand!

(See AdventureSkier post from Dec. 2009 for more surf-skiing)

(Photo: Chuck Patterson)