Mar 15

Ski It While You Can!

With the weather over the next week forecasted to be more like mid-May than mid-March, it’s time to put everything else aside for a little while and ski it while you can – before most of our precious snowpack here in the Northeast (at low to mid elevations, at least) is gone. Whether you feel motivated to grab one more run close to home, ride lifts at your favorite local ski area, or spend some time in the alpine somewhere, the warm and sunny days ahead should make for some of the most enjoyable ski days of the season.

Ski you out there. – Brian

Finishing off the pasture skiing season (maybe not?) close to home on Wednesday evening.

Spring skiing at its finest in the Mad River Valley (captured in 2009, but conditions today were similar):

Early spring turns in New Hampshire’s high country.

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  1. Sam

    Cool shot of you guys skiing in the pasture. Getting thin out there!

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