Aug 26

Photo/Video of the Week: First Turns of the Season…on Grass Clippings

It seems Marquette Season is off to a particularly early start this time around. Sure, we’ve had some cool nights lately across the north country, but it’s hard telling what is inspiring folks to ski weeks before the first heavy frosts of the season.

Then again, Marquette Backcountry Skis defy winter. They make skiing on just about anything fun. And they just might turn out to be the skier’s solution to global warming…really. Of course, grass skiing can do wonders for your balance and technique, too, as the footage demonstrates.

Thanks to Dave Bouchard for sharing this fine footage of him laying fresh tracks in boot deep grass clippings (grass clippings courtesy Mad River Glen‘s mow crew). And thanks to his daughter, Jamie, for the top-notch camera work and commentary. Way to make the most of a beautiful day out there guys! Here’s to another unforgettable Northeastern ski season to come…

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  1. Christa

    The Bouchards rock!

  2. Chris

    Wow. I love the genuine sense of adventure at work here. Thanks!

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