Apr 05

Photo(s) of the Week: Winter’s Last Gasp?

Old Man Winter’s resiliency continued to produce excellent skiing at all elevations this past week. Whether skiing fresh powder in the higher elevations (thanks to 2-12″ of snow falling Mon pm – Weds am), taking shelter from the cold wind and snow squalls, or skiing corn on some of the last remnant pasture lines lower in the valleys (3rd photo), the past week has been a wonderful cap to an all-around excellent season in the Northeast.

We’ll likely see the remaining snowpack in our valleys, as well as the snow on solar aspects, melt away rather quickly in the week ahead. Still, so long as an April heat wave does not take shape, the skiing should remain excellent straight through most of April on the colder aspects at higher elevations throughout the Northeast. This is an especially beautiful time of year in the mountains. Streams and cascades are running with snowmelt, birds are returning and singing again, the air is warm, days are longer and the crowds are light – if not non-existent.

Ski you out there.
-Brian and Emily

Dylan Dipentima makes good use of his day off from work on Thursday.

Noah Ranallo, immersed in a well-earned day of experiential education.

Emily and Lil’ Maiana Snow take a little snack break from skiing corn in our neighbor’s pastures.

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