Aug 05

Photo(s) of the Week: Summer Powder Days

Summer has a way of reminding us that being outside is a lot more fun, and necessary, than updating AdventureSkier.com or tending to other non-essential office matters…no matter how hard it’s raining. Then again, even back-to-back days spent running rivers, doing wood, surfing waves, pedaling bikes and growing food can get tiring, and every once in awhile, it can feel good to simply play catch up indoors.

We often try to think about life as one endless ski season, with powder days possible even when the snow is gone. When heavy rains fall and our rivers swell, it’s a powder day. When the ocean kicks up some clean, overhead surf…powder day. When the sun is setting, and you are rolling into one last descent on a nicely flowing trail. Powder day. As for doing wood, that’s more like packed powder.

Anyhow, here are a few images to illustrate some recent summer powder days. With this in mind, it’s simply not possible to have a bad ski season in the Northeast…

– Brian

Justin Beckwith enjoys another powder day on Vermont’s Mad River in early July.

Sean Curry and Sunny Wood enjoy fresh lines after the passage of a fall-like cold front in late July off the MA coast…


Green Mountains, Vermont

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  1. Brian McHugh

    Awesome photos guys, thrive on!!!

  2. Chris

    Powder days is right! Love the optimism. Hard to believe you guys caught waves like that in Mass.

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