Feb 13

Photo(s) of the Week: Fresh Tracks and Fresh Ice

The ice capping many ponds, lakes and slow-moving streams is as good as it gets right now in the Northeast, thanks especially to persistent cold temps and minimal snowfall at lower elevations. Meanwhile, a nice coat of powder snow, although seldom more than boot deep, continues to characterize the off-piste and backcountry skiing in the mountains across the north country.

Vermont skier Andy Weis was on a mission Monday afternoon to make the most of what this cold and snow-starved winter has to offer, and he pulled it off feeling as good as he’s ever felt while out for a day on his skis. Several inches of fresh snow from Sunday night’s squalls didn’t hurt, nor did Monday’s steady winds – which swept the ice clean of any pesky snow. – Brian (Click on thumbnails below to view larger images)

Andy Weis, enjoying the 1″ of fresh snow reported on Monday…

Fresh ice?

Ice skates – Never go skiing these days without them…

We need some help with a caption here…

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