Apr 30

Photo(s) of the Week: White Mountain Wanderlust

We’ve been feeling a bit of White Mountain Wanderlust lately, thanks in no small part to an incredible run of pleasant spring days that have produced corn-snow conditions on at least some aspects, daily. Over the last several days, especially, temperatures have been cool enough to allow for some re-freezing of the snow pack nightly, but still warm enough to keep the snow soft underfoot right through the sunset hour. It has also been nice enough for us to get up high along NH’s Presidential Divide with our 75 day old daughter, Maiana Snow, who, not surprisingly, seems to thrive on any time we can offer her in the mountains.(see 2nd photo)

Many previous snow-filled connections, however, both up high and down low, are really starting to let go now, so be prepared to do at least a little bit of walking, sidestepping and scrambling (play the “rock game” in the fragile alpine) in order to string together many ski lines. (Click on the image thumbnails below to view larger images)

Ski you out there.
– Brian

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  1. Christa

    This must be heaven!

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