Feb 26

Photo of the Week: Two Feet on the Roof

Snow on the roof - Green Mountains, Vermont©Brian Mohr/EmberPhoto.com

While sorting through some photographs from the mid-February storm cycle here in the Northeast, this one caught our eyes. It’s the view out a two foot by two foot domed skylight above the pantry in our home, while buried by more than two feet of freshly settled snow on the roof. It’s pretty cool to see the different layers at work, evidence of cumulative snowfall events over the course of nearly three weeks. The brighter, layered middle zone leading to the white core at the center represents the changing snowfall rates and snow types associated with the Valentine’s Day Storm.

With snowflakes in the air again today, and several inches likely Thursday into Friday, we’ll be looking forward to the snow piling up around our skylight once again.

-Brian and Emily

©Ember Photography / EmberPhoto.com
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