May 08

Photo of the Week: The Dirty Corn

Whether you are finding it on those lingering strips of snow at your favorite ski area, or along the snow-filled edge of an alpine ridge in New Hampshire’s White Mountains or Quebec’s Monts McGerrigle, The Dirty Corn is hard to miss right now. And that’s okay.

For one thing, The Dirty Corn is often a sign of a safe, stable snow pack. It’s been sitting around for a while – collecting any dust, dirt and grit it can gather – and it’s unlikely to go anywhere, no matter how steep, it seems. Still, it’s always wise to proceed with caution.

Of course, after a little spring snow fall, when the fresh stuff loads up nicely along one side of your ski line, but is nothing but a sticky, gloppy, goo by the time you show up to ski it at four in the afternoon, The Dirty Corn might be the only snowy surface still sliding fast and smooth…no matter how good the moisture-riddled white stuff looks.

Finally, there’s nothing like The Dirty Corn for leaving your mark on the mountain. It puts a whole new twist on the concept of untracked corn. And situate your camp, or tailgate, with the right vantage point, and you can kick back and admire your handi-work for days to follow…

Before long, The Dirty Corn will give way to Summer here in the Northeast, but in the meanwhile, there are still a few options for top to bottom skiing (on snow, mostly) at several ski areas, and even a handful of chutes, bowls and snow-choked gullies in the higher elevations of the Northeast to slide around in for the next few weeks. No doubt, at least a few more sunset sessions are in order – if only to stay in shape for some of the world-class spring skiing that’s been tempting us in the higher elevations of The West or from summit-to-sea in the The Great White North. We’ll see where those temptations lead us, soon enough. So stay tuned.

Ski you out there.

Brian and Emily

©Ember Photography - Dirty Corn -Green Mountains, Vermont

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