Nov 15

Photo of the Week: SNOWvember 2013

After a great week of skiing…on top of all of the other usual preparations for winter underway…we’re too wiped to say much this week. But the facts are simple… Approximately 12-30″ of progressively cold, fluffy powder fell upon the northern Green Mountains during this past week…with lesser amounts falling in the southern Greens, over the Dacks and into NH, ME and Quebec. Snowline was near or below the base elevations of most ski areas across the North Country. The skiing, in the context of it being only early November, was as good as it gets…SO MUCH FUN!!!!

If you haven’t been out skiing yet, get out there Saturday and Sunday before the warmer air moving in over the weekend takes its toll. Be careful where the snow is thin at lower elevations, and have fun out there! (And click on the thumbnail image below to enlarge.)

– Brian

P.S. – Happy birthday Sis!

Green Mountains, Vermont

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  1. JeffL

    I took Wednesday afternoon off and snuck in two runs. It was mid winter out there! Hard to believe after a day like today. Great shot!

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