Sep 05

Photo of the Week: Skiing With Horses

Over our years of exploring in the southern Andes, horses has saved us countless miles of slogging (with heavy packs and ski gear, across rugged terrain) while approaching some of the more remote mountain peaks we’ve chosen to ski. One especially memorable day began after two days of springtime snow and rain dumped upon our camp, high up in Chilean Patagonia’s endangered Rio Baker watershed. A day’s worth of wading through flooded pastures, crossing snow-melt choked streams and some good ol’ fashioned bushwhacking lay between our cozy camp and our next skiing objective. Without these horses, I’m quite sure we would have attempted to wait out the storm – even if it meant eating through our food supplies and surviving on fresh trout and wild greens for a few days. The second image below illustrates just how much water we were dealing with at some of the river crossings. (That’s our friend Vicki Beaudoin with the blue hood in both photos; and Emily Johnson in the first photo sporting the extra-stylish trash bag hoody) – Brian


  1. Chris

    It looks like you guys might have been swimming with the horses. What amazing animals! Great shots. Thanks.

  2. AdventureSkier.com

    Thanks for checking in Chris. During the biggest crossing of the day, in the second photo featured, there were some moments when the horses feet left the bed of the river – and we swam with them for a bit.

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