May 21

Photo of the Week: Skiing to the Beach

With plenty of summer weather prevailing across the Northeast lately, and with plenty of ocean time under our belts lately, we’ve been thinking about the great times we’ve had skiing to the beach over the years. It’s not something we get to do very often, but it’s something we hope to do a lot more of in life…and it’s no doubt an unforgettable experience. (My sister and brother in law took it to another level this winter, with some fun skiing ON the beach in southern New England. Stay tuned for a little video evidence of this later.)

Nonetheless, the image above triggers some great memories. Along with our good friends Craig Augustinsky and Brennan Severance we were exploring a remote island along the coast of East Greenland in early July a few years back. We pushed one day/night, straight through the midnight hour, to a quiet beach on the far side of the island. We had some ambitions to build a drift wood fire and bivy under the lingering twilight, but a stiff breeze, chilly temps and fun snow conditions kept us climbing and skiing our way back toward the cozy confines of our established camp – where we finally crashed out in our tents around 4am.

The next day, we skied down to another beach, harvested some fresh north Atlantic mussels, and thanks to a bit of fresh cod Brennan hooked into, we whipped up one heck of a seafood stew for lunch.

– Brian

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