Oct 29

Photo(s) of the Week: Sandy Ushers in Winter

After wandering by a TV today for the first time in weeks (months?), it was nice to see someone smiling about the fact that several feet of snow was expected to fall over the central Appalachians Monday and Tuesday. In light of Sandy’s devastating impacts on many areas in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, one positive is that winter is well on its way now, and tropical storms like Sandy should keep their distance for a while.

As for the Appalachians, we can only hope that our friends down at Whitegrass in West Virginia enjoyed some of the first turns of the season today, and were generic for ativan pill identification otherwise spared by Superstorm Sandy.

Meanwhile, our hearts go out to all those whose lives have been significantly disrupted by Sandy.


Enjoying the fruits of an approaching Hurricane Sandy off the New England coast on Sunday afternoon, 10/28…

The combination of Sandy’s storm surge and a full-moon high tide sent seawater into the streets of Nantucket Island, MA on Monday morning, 10/29. Fortunately, property damage was minimal.


Waves fueled by Sandy’s storm surge and a twenty five foot ocean swell retreat under the light of a full moon and light winds, just before midnight Tuesday 10/29.

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