Aug 10

Photo of the Week: Rand Family on the Long Trail

This past weekend, Vermonters Annevitte and Karin Rand, just seventeen and fifteen years old, respectively, arrived at Journey’s End in northern Vermont after twenty days spent walking the 200+ mile length of Vermont’s Long Trail. With the great support of their parents, Matt (who walked more than half the trail with them) and Pennie (who also joined them for numerous sections and nights’ out), along the way, the Rand girls immersed themselves in their backyard mountains unlike ever before.

“It’s amazing that we live here,” shared Annevitte when we bumped into the two sisters at the top of Mt. Mansfield last week, the highest point along the trail. “It’s been especially nice to spend so much time getting to know our own local mountains, too.”

Annevitte and Karin were all smiles when we encountered them, and it wasn’t just because we had just surprised them with some homemade blackberry pie. Despite a few lovely blisters, some exciting moments spent hiding from downpours under giant boulders, and some very long days b/w camps, the Rands were loving the rhythm, adventure and daily discoveries of life on the trail.

Both talented skiers, and having grown up in a skiing family (Pennie once helped to run the Catamount Trail Association (CTA), and the Rands are very active members of the Cochran’s Ski Area community), Annevitte and Karin often have skiing on their minds, even during mid-summer.

“We’ve passed through some beautiful places to ski,” one of them said.

“I’m psyched to do some more backcountry exploring this winter,” shared the other.

And as we all gazed out along the Green Mountain divide under the warm summer sunshine, the two of them couldn’t help but dream up a few skiing adventures for the long, cold and snowy winter ahead.

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-Emily and Brian

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  1. Poppy

    Go girls! Love this photo!

  2. Christa

    Great Photo of these two sisters, Brian!

  3. Pennie Rand

    Thanks for posting this Brian and Em! I hope I thanked you a while ago, but I didn’t see my post. They LOVED meeting up with you on the top of Vermont!

  4. Tyler

    Sounds like some cool girls.

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