Jan 22

Photo of the Week: Post-Thaw Pow

Since the Cold North Wind chased away the January Thaw about one week ago, 2-12″ of fresh snow, generally speaking, has fallen over the high country of the Northeast. Where this snow has fallen atop refrozen snow not heavily tracked before the thaw, the skiing has been especially smooth lately…Near daily doses of fresh snow continue to refresh the snow pack and cushion the relatively soft and friendly crust beneath, which, where the wind has been good to us by loading up some extra snow, is barely perceptable. After some Arctic air settles over the region Wednesday and Thursday, there’s a good chance for more snowfall over the weekend. Pray for snow, and check out our Weather & Snow page for forecast updates.

Ski you out there! (Click on image below to enlarge)
– Brian and Emily

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  1. Sam

    Nice shot! Only 3″ or so at our house, but it felt like 6″ or so in the woods at Stowe last weekend.

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