Aug 18

Photo of the Week: Patagonian Dreams

We had the great fortune of getting close to this beautiful mountain a few years back. It stretched for the sky like no other peak around us. It’s the birthplace of a great Chilean river, the endangered Rio Baker. And lately, we’ve been dreaming of skiing it.

It’s tempting to live out our dreams and go back to this beautiful mountain – to push deeper into the wilderness of the mighty Rio Baker watershed; to help give a voice to the majority of Chileans who don’t support the four giant hydro-dams proposed for this region; and to continue having hope.

It’s tempting, yes….very tempting.

-Brian and Emily
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  1. Cameron

    Does this peak have a name?

    1. AdventureSkier.com

      It is a very remote peak. We ran into only a couple of farming families in this area, neither of which had a specific name for it. It was not identified by a name on the map we had on hand, either.

      Thanks for checking in.


      1. Cameron

        Well, a rose by any other name (or none at all, in this case)… Looks like an amazing peak either way. Good luck.

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