Sep 24

Photo of the Week: One Inch Rule

The last couple of weather fronts and rain storms have ushered in the beautiful fall season in classic form. It’s amazing how Mother Nature, with the flick of a her switch, can take us out of a distinctly summery weather pattern right into the cooler, crispier and breezier days of fall. At least a few folks spotted a particularly heavy frost across some Northeastern mountaintops on Monday morning, and we’ve intercepted several reports of spotty snow showers late Sunday night and on Monday (confirmed!), too.

All of this cheap viagra usa only means one simple thing. We’ll be skiing on something white in no time – any day, really. For some, all it takes is a heavy frost to justify some gravity fed sliding again. Others have a One Inch Rule. Check out the latest Ski Journal (need a holiday gift idea?) for some words and photos celebrating early season skiing in the Northeast. (Click on the photos below for a sneak peek and to enlarge images.)


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