Apr 30

Photo of the Week: Off Piste on Mozodepowadso

Green Mountains, Vermont, USA ©Emily Johnson/ EmberPhoto - All rights reserved

For many generations before the arrival of white settlers, the Abenaki referred to Vermont’s highest mountain as “Mozodepowadso”, which translates to Moosehead Mountain. For reasons not entirely clear (as investigated by VT’s Seven Days in July 2013), Big Mozo came to be called Mt. Mansfield in the mid-18th century – and the name has remained popular.

Still, out of respect to Vermont’s original settlers, we’re going with Mozodepowadso again. For one thing, the name has the word “pow” in it, something this mountain receives lots of, and skiing The Big Mozo sounds a lot exciting than skiing “Mt. Mansfield” (no offense to whoever or whatever Mansfield was actually named after).

Over the last few days, during the cooler times of day, especially, The Big Mozo was offering some of the more delectable snow sliding conditions of the season. And while warming temperatures in the days ahead will takes its toll on The Big Mozo’s impressive snow pack, top to bottom turns, on snow, should be possible well into at least next week.

Ski you out there.

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