Jul 05

Photo of the Week: New Ski Trails in the Adirondacks?

The newly formed Adirondack Powder Skier Association (APSA) is embracing the evolution of skiing in the Northeast while providing a growing voice for the backcountry skiing community in the Adirondack Mountain region. In response to the relative dearth of accessible backcountry skiing terrain and trails for skiers of all abilities, the APSA is advocating for changes in legislation in order to improve the winter backcountry experience for skiers and other travelers.

A recent story published online by Powder Magazine sheds some light on the APSA and its current focus. Give it a read (link HERE), and please let us know your thoughts on the issue here. Is it time for the backcountry skiing community to work more closely with Northeast land managers in order to grow the sport? Do you believe strategic thinning/glading of the forest understory makes good sense? Should/can the backcountry skiing organize itself as the mountain bike community has, with local clubs overseeing the creation and maintenance of improved skiing zones?

What is the future of backcountry skiing in the Northeast?

These are some cool, refreshing questions for these hot summer days…

– Brian

Adirondack Mountains, New York, USA

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  1. Chris

    I like your connection to the mountain bike model. That makes good sense. It seems to me like it wouldn’t take much effort and maintenance to create some new bc ski terrain in many areas around the region, especially terrain suitable for lower level skiers. This would give all skiers more options, help to disperse crowds, and just make it more fun for everyone. Currently, it seems like increasing numbers of skiers are heading to the same few areas.

  2. Marcus Golding

    I love this picture.. Wish I was in that position.. No matter which way you turn, you’re about to ski!

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