Mar 04

Photo of the Week: Midnight Pow Pow

Green Mountains, Vermont, USA ©Brian Mohr/ EmberPhoto - All rights reserved
Skier: Noah Ranallo

It’s possible that Tuesday night (Mar 3) was the pinnacle of this winter season in Vermont. By 8pm, fresh snow from another passing weather system was piling up fast…freshening the surface of a deep snow pack unaffected by warm temps or wet precip for nearly two months. We knew that above freezing temps were likely on Wednesday, so we grabbed the headlamps and set off. We enjoyed a taste of our winter wonderland unlike any other this season, if not in our lifetimes. The howl of the wind above the forest canopy, the fresh snow flying, and heavily snow-sculpted landscape left us in awe of Old Man Winter. Here’s a quick snap from our late night tour, captured just before midnight along Vermont’s Green Mountain divide…

The above freezing temps today spared most aspects and slopes above 2000′, and will probably leave us with just a slightly stiffer, but still very playful, snow pack down low. Cooler than normal temps in the days ahead will continue to preserve the soft, powdery snow on non-solar aspects, especially. We are living in a skiers’ paradise right now, and there’s no end in sight.

Ski you in the mountains.
-Brian, Emily and Maiana

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