May 22

Photo of the Week: Midnight Madness

While pedaling north last week alongside Norway’s Arctic Alps, we savored the warm and colorful rays of the evening sun before embarking on another skiing adventure in the mountains. It was approx. 10pm – just twenty minutes after snapping this photo – when we were finally heading out on our skis. The sun did not set, and rather, spent the midnight hours floating above the horizon, and lighting the beautiful mountain world in which we climbed and skied. By 5am, we were back in our tents, with a rushing stream and the roar of the surf luring us off to dreamland. – Brian and Emily


  1. yvonne hite

    This is a wonderful picture; I love the way you captured the swirling sky, the moving bikers and the still mountains. Touché!

    1. thomas william hite

      Hey Ma,

      You know I’ll be home soon. We got work to do. This was a great experience and everyone should have the chance to be in a wonderful place.

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