Jun 21

Photo of the Week: Mid-Summer Arctic Dreams


Happy Summer Solstice everyone! We hope everyone is enjoying these longest and brightest days of the year…and that the nights b/w them filled with your wildest skiing dreams. (Does anyone else have vivid skiing dreams this time of year?)

And here’s to living your wildest summer dreams…

We captured this image while skiing and camping in a quiet corner of the Arctic that we had scouted by bicycle a few years prior. It was an adventure generic klonopin that began on the summer solstice with a fresh 6″ of snow awaiting us, and was characterized by thirty days of the most scenic and delectable corn skiing of our lives. For nearly ten of those days, we lived above the fog and clouds, basking in sunshine while a cool fog clung to the valleys and seashores below.

Here’s to a dreamy summer…

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