Jun 11

Photo of the Week: Memories of Winter

It was a particularly breezy afternoon, but the skiing was exceptionally good and we lingering straight through the sunset hour along the west side of the Greens. Our last climb landed us at the divide as a subtle alpen glow was fading, but while enough light still remained for one last descent to the east. While peeling skins and layering up, a ripple in a cloud line spawned a few breaking waves in the sky – a sign of the season to come. And as we skied off, the warm, peach-colored glow finally gave way to the darker hues of nightfall.

Goggles down. Boots buckled. Time to schuss.

– Brian

Green Mountains, Vermont ©Brian Mohr/Ember Photography

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  1. Christa


  2. Chris

    Really cool. Love your wave clouds photos. WHat kind of weather produces them?

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