May 29

Photo of the Week: Memorial Day Magic

The past weekend in the Northeast was pretty magical on many levels. It’s not often that Old Man Winter throws us a bone this late in the season. The rain that fell in the mountains prior to the changeover to snow also unleashed one of the more spectacular displays of waterfalls we’ve seen in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Anyhow, here’s one image, captured while approaching snowline at 1800′ on Saturday, that really illustrates the weekend for us. And while the snow was much deeper up high (approx. 12″ had piled up along VT’s Monroe Skyline by Sunday morning), it was the unusually scenic and surprisingly smooth skiing in the mid to lower elevations that had us going back for more. (Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge, and stay tuned for more images, soon.)

Ski you out there.

-Brian and Emily

©Ember Photography / EmberPhoto.com

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  1. Bill Thorne

    I would really love a poster option of the hiking into the snow with the dogs…it’s really one of the most endearing photos of the year…however, I can’t afford an artistic photo print, more like a comprimise with the low cost options from one of the web poster sites…I think you could sell a lot of these, really unique!

    1. AdventureSkier.com

      Thanks Bill! It was a special day, no doubt. How larger of a poster would you be interested in purchasing?

  2. Lindsay

    This photo is beautiful!!! It almost looks like a glacier through the trees!! Gorgeous!!!

    1. AdventureSkier.com

      Now that you mention it, I see the glacier, too. So cool. What a weekend it was in the mountains!

  3. Christa

    So serene! Beautiful Brian!

  4. Chris

    Looks like a painting from some long lost era. You guys really get after the thin cover conditions, but after seeing one of your shows, I can understand why. It is not about how deep it is, but rather, how much fun you are having.

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